6amBreakfast with Mark PanitzBreakfast with Jo and SimonBreakfast with Rick McCannBreakfast with M'n'MThe Wave by Vicki RileyThe Wave by Vicki Riley
7amBreakfast with Pete RemickGardening with Paul Plant
8amSaturday Morning with Geoff Colwell
9amMonday Mornings with Scotty and Amma ReedTimeless Tuesdays with John WatsonMid Week with Len TylerMorning Magazine with Paul G.Friday Forum with Pete Dillon
10amMagic Bus with Chris LofvenShowtime with Jim Fraser
11amNoosa Youth Education Radio with Maria Hull
12pmBlue Monday with Al HensleyBoppin' the Blues with Wayne CarlsonJazz Plus with Al and WayneNoosa Jazz with John SchluterJazz At The Junction with Gayle NicholsonDiggin' with DougSunday Country with Wayne, Gayle Gypsy and Cowboy Ridingpants
2pmBody, Mind, Spirit with JoJo and GemAll Around with Mel C.Mid Week Chat with Jill MorleyA Little Peace of My World with Kris WaldronIt's Finally Friday with Myra DoyleMusicology with Mick DraperThe Rock Box with Pete Remick
4pmMonday Drive with Karl KunkleTuesday Drive with Beck SchmelzThe Rap with BearThursday Drive with Alison HadfieldFriday Drive with Therase BurkeUndercover Blues with Bob WraithEasy Street with Debbie Noyek
6pmSpoonful with Rob BaillieThe Sunshine Republic with Brent HarveyHammock Sessions with Nikki G.Rockin' Rocola with GypsyBear's on Air with BarrintonStateside with Beck SchmelzGood Night Music Pet Purri with Sibylle Reisch
8pmMambo Cafe and Juice Bar with Maria HullReelin' in the Years with Mark SuttonRadiowave with LolaNight Surf with Gerald BuschThe Captain's Bleeding Brain Music with Greg Dodds Metal Nights with Brian GilliesThe Chill Zone with Chrissy G.
10pmThe James McKay ShowThe Wave by Vicki RileyPerfect Day with Barb LeadbetterThe Wave by Vicki Riley
12amThe Wave by Vicki RileyThe Wave by Vicki Riley
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