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A Little Peace of My World with Kris Waldron

Thursday 2 pm - 4 pm:

Hi! What can I say that I haven’t said since first going to air in 1999? I’m sure I will think of something. You see, I’m an Aries and we love a chat, hence ending up with a radio show.

First up, my show is known for being ‘A little piece of my world’ but in reality, its more about living peacefully within ourselves here on this little space ship we call home.

We hear people saying we need to pray for Peace or look for it, thing is, Peace exists, we just need to live it - mind you that is probably easier here in our little corner of the world than in others.

The show has a lot of positive messages, stories, interviews and views and if I come across one that’s not, and I feel drawn to share it and look for the positive within.

I also have people coming in for a ‘chat’, on many different levels such as Spiritual, Health and Environment issues.

My music is pretty laid back, made up of some muso’s who are well known Worldwide, along with some of our own wonderful local talent, and then some that seem to appear from nowhere.

Hmmm!  Let’s see, what else can I squeeze in here. I’ve been told it’s an honest show, I share many personal things that have helped me grow. I’ve also, and will continue to, shed a tear or two over certain things that move me.

Look all I can say is try me…grab a cup of herbal tea, sit back and enjoy. Come along for a 2hr ride and you will know if you've liked it, 'cause you will want to tune in again next time.

And remember…Peace already exists, we just have to live it.

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