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All Around with Mel C

Tuesday 2 pm - 4 pm:

My country of origin is the Philippines, where I grew up and had my early schooling, through to high school. I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Education (Elementary and High School) degree. I was then able to take up teaching at a prestigious college. While teaching, I continued studying a Bachelor of Science in Social Worker.

Having an inquiring mind, I was able to come to Australia in my late twenties. I travelled extensively for six months in eastern Australia and decided to live in Noosa where I’ve been since 1988.

I have been a part of NOOSA FM since 2000. I helped in the many initiatives to raise money for the equipment. Finally I took the in-house presenter course and have been on air since 2000. Andrew Tucker, one of the founders, was my trainer.

Music is part of my life. I used to play guitar and love singing. On my show, I play local and world popular music and present information on ethnic topics and events.

Health and happiness are more important to me than wealth and status. I am very much a community minded person.

“Salamat” – thank you!

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