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Thursday Breakfast with Grace Hart

Thursday 7 am - 9 am:

Grace grew up in mainstream society, living a conventional life until a car accident in her late teens changed everything. She was rushed to hospital in a critical condition, had a Near Death Experience … and woke up with heightened psychic awareness. Ever since, she has been able to perceive, see, hear and speak to energies.

It took three years of rehabilitation before she could walk again, and a lot longer to learn how to drive her new, unconventional reality.

To make sense of it all, she started reading Dr. Wayne Dyer's books, which catalysed and clarified her new direction. She went on to discover and utilise the work of many other world renowned wayshowers, authors and spiritual teachers – mainly Eckhart Tolle, Abraham-Hicks, Bryon Katie, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue, Access, Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer.

As a clairvoyant medium Grace has read for famous actors and politicians, and had an extraordinary experience with the Dalai Lama's official bowl players when they gifted her their Tibetan singing bowls, opening up a new direction creating soothing, therapeutic, meditative music, mesmerising many with her angelic voice.

She has also studied counselling and qualified as an expressive therapist.

She has been the wife of a senator, travelled the world, met many famous people and is related to Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland. It's one of the reasons she has called her Noosa FM radio show ‘Wonderland’

Grace has three children and has called the Sunshine Coast home for over 25 years.

She has reached a place where she is genuinely happy, positive and thriving after choosing a greater life and choosing it anew every day. She loves to inspire and encouraging others. It is her life's work.‘Wonderland’ is part of that calling.

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