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Odorama with Stan Wilson

Wednesday 8 pm - 10 pm:

“Jazz isn't dead. It just smells funny,” Frank Zappa once said.

Frank may have had it right then. But he'd certainly have it right today. 'Cause these days it's
getting funnier AND smellier. It's cool. It's funky.

You've got elements of Jazz mixed with Funk… and Soul… and R&B… and Latin... and Bossa
Nova, and… Afro-Cuban Rhythm… and Electronic. Even D-D-D-Disco.

Hell, there's Acid Jazz, Nu-Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Ska Jazz, Nu Soul, Jazz Funk, Future Jazz, Latin
Jazz, Fusion Jazz, Afro-Jazz, Jazztronica. Did I mention Lounge and Chill Out?

Welcome to Odorama, with Stan Wilson: two hours of music that has feet in more than one genre.
NOOSA FM Wednesday nights, 8 - 10 pm. It's cool. It's funky. It smells a bit but has a heart of gold:
Perfect for that Wing-Wong-Wang-Dang-Pillow-Polly-Wooper-Doodle-Weekday-Bedtime-Jama-
Starka-Slumber Party.

Scratch and sniff and see what you find.

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