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PodcastTime - Small Business Banter & On The Money with Small Business Banter - On the Money

Sunday 7 am - 8 am:

7.30 - 7.30 am - "Small Buisness Banter"

Each week Small Business Banter features interviews with small to medium business experts and other business owners.

Starting on the Community Radio Network in July 2020, the episodes aims to support regional Australian business with practical tips and relevant information.

We spoke with Michael Kerr from the show.

Where did the idea of Small Business Banter come from?

In recent years regional small business owners have been knocked about by one challenge after another.

As a result there are flow-on effects which are felt directly by the owner, but which also ripple through to their family members, their staff and their local communities.

David and I agreed more needed to be done and saw an opportunity to talk directly to regional owners. Community radio has long been a trusted, local source of information for regional communities, but has become even more relevant in recent times.

With our experience, we wanted to bring high-quality information and support from noted small business experts and other owners directly to regional owners and their families and others in the local community.

It's about timely and relevant information supporting regional small businesses and the people and communities that rely on them.

Produced by:  Small Buinsess Banter for the Community Radio Network.


7.30 - 8.00 am: 

"On The Money"

How do I make my money go further? Whats new -are cryptocurrencies the way to go?  What are the big challenges for our economy? Who's doing well in business and how did they do it?

On the Money is here to delve into your finance questions and unpack the jargon around business, banks and big bikkies. So hedge your bets, monetise your mind and if your dollars only make cents,  add this asset to your portfolio.

Produced by:   2ser with the assistance of the Department of Communications and the Arts via the Community Broadcasting Foundation.



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